“End Your Marketing Frustration, Slash Expenses & Get Business Growing – An Integrated Advertising Technique”

Dive into six hours of live (& lively) give-and-take with your speaker. The Maverick Advertising Seminar reveals ninety-nine strategies, tactics & proven methods that give you the edge in marketing & advertising technique.

You see and use researched and tested answers to the most vexing questions managers ask about advertising & marketing.

  • Discover new strategies that revitalized many a stagnant company.

  • Take home a simple method that puts “sell” in every ad.

  • Learn how to choose and use ad media that work best for your kind of business.

  • Master the art of knowing exactly when to promote, when to lay low, when to keep the money in your sock . . . and why!

  • How to wring more sales results out of less money and save up to 20 hours a month management time while you do it.

  • Every point springs from common sense, extensive research, experience and tested logic (not theory).

 When you finish, you’ll never again put up with fools who want to foist one more “deal” on you.

 Every point is rooted in common sense and tested logic (not theory). You learn from real examples that happened to real businesses just like yours. When you finish, you’ll never again put up with fools who want to foist one more “deal” on you.

 You can share in this treasury of know-how in a complete recorded live course called the Maverick Advertising Seminar . . .

A seminar that speaks to you
in the plain English of
business and eliminates
advertising gibberish

 All this knowledge came out of testing with more than 3,100 businesses in 186 categories. I know of no other company that’s ever worked so extensively with so many companies.

 But it paid – big time. Maverick users scored a huge payoff with an 83.7% success rate in their advertising – mighty high in this game.

 Since then, more than 21,000 businesses have changed direction and sharpened their results with the help of this advertising technique. It will do the same for you and I’ll tell you how in a minute.

 This seminar records a live six-hour session before more than 150 accomplished managers. It’s jammed with proven marketing strategies, ideas and how-to tools you can use immediately.

This is the agenda . . .

Session 1. Secrets of sales strategies your competitors know nothing about – and have even less idea how to counteract. Amazingly, some of these strategies are 2,600 years old – proven, yet forgotten.

Session 2. How to design ads simply, yet multiply their power 100% and more. You learn with examples with their actual results from real companies. You see exactly what made them work – or fail. How to judge your ads’ probable effectiveness. Managers who lack this know-how are making critical marketing decisions in a vacuum. It’s costing profits.

Session 3. How to plan, budget, and control your ad dollars fast & easy with the copyrighted MaverickPlan. You deploy your dollars like a professional marketer without needing mathematical genius to do it. Matt Olson’s auto glass company racked up a 96% sales increase with it.

Session 4. The good and bad of – and how to choose and use – all major media. You discover the important points to focus on (I’m betting many are not what you thought); and how to save hours monthly on advertising, make decisions more surely, and enjoy a more stress-free life.

Did you ever wonder . . .

 Did you ever stay awake at night wondering about your advertising technique. . .

 . . . you spent $30,000 – $60,000 – $360,000 last year . . . and 80% felt wasted?

 . . . you wish there were some way to make people come buy your stuff. Your ads look good but don’t sell? Do they lack something?

 . . . You tried one medium – didn’t work. Tried another – didn’t work.

What does work?

 Well, Rod Rademacher labored a quarter century uncovering tested answers to these questions and hundreds more.

 When he finished, he did two things: 1) he used those answers to help his own clients add more than one billion dollars to their sales and 2) he designed a seminar to teach the Maverick Method to others.

 As a young man, Rod nearly abandoned his new job in advertising — out of guilt. Because he worked hard and tried to deal honorably, clients had begun placing large orders with him. He was earning big commission dollars.

 However, one sticking point threatened to derail his whole success train.

He had no idea how to deliver enough results to outweigh the money those customers were giving him.

 Sound like any ad rep you know today? Well Rod resolved to do something about it . . .

 In frustration, he started researching and testing ideas. Ultimately, he invested thousands of hours and more than two million dollars to learn what kinds of advertising work for business down at the Main Street level.

 He discovered hundreds of things . . . some more than a little disconcerting . . . because many of these proven findings contradict conventional advertising wisdom you hear in business – and even from advertising professionals!

 If you’ve ever wondered why your advertising doesn’t deliver the results it should, you learn the answer here.

 Once Rod demonstrates his discoveries, you walk away with the realization your advertising can deliver so much more . . . for so much less . . . than you thought.

 Rod organized his research into a set of marketing tools that you can use easily. He calls it the “Maverick” marketing method precisely because it often contradicts commonly held beliefs.

 If you’d like to know more about Rod, this button is only about a minute’s detour.

 My name is Rich Hamilton. I’ve successfully run businesses for many years.

 Let me confess . . . I was skeptical when I first stumbled on the Maverick advertising technique. Finally, I decided to sponsor one of Rod’s seminars for my own customers.

 Then, I wound up sponsoring two more!

 I can tell you now from personal experience this system helps you grow a company quickly and at lower cost in time and money than most managers imagine possible.

We had doubts about this
idea at first

When it was suggested the author record his live seminar and include all the working materials so people could purchase it, he thought it a bad idea. Wouldn’t people miss the interaction of being in an audience? They wouldn’t be able to ask questions about their own business.

He was right. But, then, they discovered advantages to the recording that people could never accomplish in the live seminar.

  • First, when you have the recording you can hear the audience’s reactions.

  • With the recording, you can listen to any part repeatedly. Seminar members have only one chance to capture all the points. If their pencil breaks . . .

  • You listen & learn on your schedule. No need to be there at 8:30 on a Tuesday morning and sacrifice your day. Interruptions? Just shut it off and get back when you can.

  • And the problem of being unable to ask questions goes away. Rod invites any person who uses this Seminar package to get on the website anytime and hit the “Got A Question?” button . . . or you can simply phone Rod and he’s happy to help you with answers.

  • Finally, your recorded version of the seminar costs considerably less than attending the live seminar. You get strategies like these . . .

How to supercharge your ads with
simplicity that attracts customers
like never before

 More than a quarter century ago, Rod observed the best ideas are uncomplicated. So, he set out to create a simple, inexpensive system that truly works for “LESS Than Fortune 500” companies like yours.

Think about how you would make
use of just these seven out
of 99 seminar highlights…

  1. Five critical steps that boost your advertising results 100% and more. How to construct ad sales arguments that drive customers through your door.
     A four-and-one-quarter million-dollar Montana drug & medical equipment store used these ingredients to break the five-million-dollar mark last year – during our recession.

  2. How to choose and how to use media that fit your business best — from Print to Broadcast to the Internet.
     With Maverick principles, a small pet store switched from one type of advertising media to another and grew sales from $590,000 to $2.6 million over five years.

  3. How to plan and budget your advertising so you actually grow your business instead of just selling a few products.
     A $10-million dollar home center near Tacoma, Washington used MaverickPlan last January to fight Home Depot. Yearly sales were down 3.83%. Six months later, they’re up $1 million – a 13%+ turnaround! They’re growing – fast – the first time in four years.

  4. How to spot and maneuver around “money-wasting holes” that litter the business landscape. In local business, your savings are just as important as capturing more sales, aren’t they?
     For instance, an $800,000 Black Hills tourist restaurant faced cool weather, which meant 25% decreases in area tourist business. Nothing worked until Maverick helped them eliminate a big chunk of waste and focus their dollars on effective methods. Sales jumped 41% – plus 30% more the following year.

  5. Rod reveals his own private list of tested sales & advertising benefits that punch up your sales. Just choose your benefit. When you plug in the right one, sales climb.
     Using this list, a High Plains dentist shepherded his professional practice from flat sales to a 25%-plus increase.

  6. When to promote . . . and when to save your money! Would it surprise you to know you can squeeze more return from your dollars just by knowing when to uncork it?
     Many auto dealers split their ad budgets into equal monthly shares. A West Coast dealer adopted Maverick methods, learned when to lower his budget and when to pour on the coal, and drove sales from $9.7 million to $17.6 million over 24 months. Arguably, his 81% increase may be the largest percentage growth in the nation then.

 And, in just a minute, I’ll tell you about some specific strategies you learn to leverage extra sales.

By the time you finish, you take
command of secret or little-
known strategies that inject
new life and growth into your
business . . .

 . . . which is one reason Rod gets rave reviews at national conventions in cities like Los Angeles, Orlando, New Orleans and St. Louis.

 Another reason – he cuts straight to the essentials. He holds nothing back and loads you up with hard, usable tools. These managers’ comments are typical . . .

Jack Windsor, Ramsay’s Dept Store, Atchison, KS “Strange with so many years experience retailing – 21 with a major chain – your five brief points (one small part of the seminar) would completely change our advertising image – and results!”

Brad Snyder, Simmonds Glass, Anacortes, WA, brad@simmonds glass.com says, “Finally, practical, applicable, useful and cost effective advice. The best…investment I’ve made.”

Britt Fulmer, Gentry Limited (Mens Wear) Wichita says, “Your approach from the perspective of small business is much more relevant to me than tactics for national campaigns I learned in college.”

Harley Phillips, Pres., National Bicycle Dealers Association, Los Angeles “(After this seminar) it got to be such an ego-builder teaching ad people their business, I hated to admit I had spent thousands of advertising dollars per year without knowing how.”

 To see more managers who gained from the Maverick Marketing Seminar, click here.

Mavericks are known as independent
thinkers. You join their ranks as you
adopt this high-performance
advertising technique

  • Discover two secret ingredients nearly every ad lacks.

    With these, Maverick users double & triple their results. I’ve been around a long time but I’ve not seen these ideas elsewhere!

  • How much does misspent advertising cost your company?

    You see examples how real companies re-direct just a few dollars and harvest whopping sales at no more cost whatever. A $500,000 Nebraska auto repair added $125,000 sales when they made a minor $8,500 shift in ad allocation. They spent no more money – just re-arranged the dollars they had.

  • What’s the one question you never ask a customer?

    Their answer can mislead you into ruinous decisions. I learned from Rod how one famous man avoided that wrong question, asked the right one instead, and became this nation’s first millionaire.

  • Slash your yellow page ads and make them work for one-fourth the cost or less.

    For instance, Maverick helped a Fort Wayne woman jettison $115,000 of her $120,000 yellow page cost . . . yet business went up!

  • Seventeen proven ways to ask for the order.

    FACT: You know your sales suffer when salespeople forget to ask for an order. Did you know most ads fail to ask at all – and cost you dearly? Even big companies employing big advertising agencies fall prey. Once you learn what to look for, you’ll spot this “sin” in any national advertising medium — and avoid it yourself.

  • How to avoid a common-as-dirt strategy mistake that cost George Parsons $119,000.

    This method makes perfect sense once you see it, but it stuns many who overlooked it before.

  • Why most of us judge our ads’ probable performance based on their five least important qualities . . . and how we miss altogether those four that really do determine sales return!

    A Southwestern jewelry manufacturer grabbed this simple idea, revised his expensive, full color magazine ads – and jumped from no results to a steady flow of orders. Master this and you know what to look for before you spend your money.

 Of course, I’d be foolish to promise exactly the same kinds of sales gains you see above because so many variables come into play – your location, competitive position, economic conditions and, frankly, your innate know-how and management abilities.

 But I do promise that if you really use this course, you will visibly improve your marketing efforts.

 What would it mean if you could attract more new customers? Avoid wasting so much money on marketing dead ends?

 To give you as much help as possible . . .

You receive six hours of the Maverick live
seminar on CD . . .
plus a bonus course that can save
you up to $9,600 all by itself

In addition, you receive the $97 Maverick Conference Guide Workbook – 94 pages covering all the major points. With both audio and visual, you note and capture all ideas more thoroughly than if you actually attended the seminar in person.

As an added bonus, Rod includes a special business tool to help you stop that drain. The $77 Maverick PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit shows you exactly how to say “no” – in a nice way – so you avoid angering solicitors who may be friends, neighbors and customers. Do you dread constant public relations-donation advertising solicitations like yearbooks and program ads? You’re a good citizen so you probably support causes. But never-ending requests can drain you dry.

You can learn more about this Kit when you Click Here.

Maverick clients say this free kit alone justifies the price of the entire program. Each saved wasted expense from $365 to $9,600 in PR-Donation advertising.

 You gain four advantages with the recorded version of the Maverick Advertising Seminar:

  • You listen & read at your own pace so you know you’ll learn and remember better.
  • You can go back and refresh anytime later.
  • Replay the whole conference for business colleagues who could not attend and . . .
  • Train your employees in the Maverick Marketing Method.

You get your money’s worth

 So many business life-changing points emerge in this seminar some attendees come out reeling with all the info. They say they finish the day “in a fog”. This is your opportunity to get it “clear”.

 Other managers pay $595 to attend this “live” daylong conference – knowing they will remember only a small percent. (Psychologists say we retain only about 10% of what we hear by next day).

For just $227, you can attend the entire Maverick Advertising Seminar and remember it all at your leisure through a “live” recorded whole day session.

 That means you hear the entire day – as many times as you want. For you, every point is clear as a bell because any you miss, you can always listen again and again.

 Experts agree learning this way is the most effective method to translate such information into good business habits.

What would happen with your
business if you could . . .

  • Solve a nagging marketing problem?

  • Discover new ways to entice extra customers through your door?

  • Reap more sales from each ad?

  • Save a chunk of cash from wasted advertising?

  • Learn how to steer clear of a costly strategy mistake?

  • Lower your frustration with all the advertising that doesn’t work?

  • Lighten stress from the daily management battle?

  • Maybe get home to your family a bit earlier each night?

  • Claim your right to a more relaxed, successful life?

 Just one new approach could be your key to slash costs and increase profit. The Maverick Advertising Seminar offers 99 of them — already proven to work!

 You may ask, what if this program is not all it’s cracked up to be? I understand your concern. You have every right to be just as skeptical as I was. That’s the exact reason Rod offers you his personal . . .

No-risk guarantee

 He’s sure of the Maverick system. I’m sure of it too because I currently practice advertising technique from this program. I already know you’ll find new ideas and hard tools you can use immediately.

 Rod guarantees it unconditionally. If you feel this seminar is not worth your time, for any reason, you receive a prompt and courteous refund. And, you get to keep the PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit for your trouble.

 What’s more he guarantees it for one full year. Most programs like this give you 10 to 30 days to check them out. Rod wants you to have a full year to use the Maverick tools, get comfortable with them, and visibly see how they improve your business.

 So, sit down!

Obviously, the simple way to approach this is – buy it . . . and then decide.

Here’s how to order

 How many profit dollars are your business losing now, simply because your advertising and strategy fails to produce what it should? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

 And you’ll keep on losing if the problem goes uncorrected.

 If you need effective new management tools — methods that make a positive difference in your decisions, savings in time, and increased sales and profit — you have them now with no risk whatsoever on your part.

As the seasoned Marketing Director of a 300-million-dollar High Plains Company says, “This program covered marketing completely. One idea would be worth the registration fee. I came away with many new ideas.”

 You have a full year to use and test this advertising technique before you decide if you want to keep it. If this program has not helped you as Rod promises . . . or for no reason at all . . . return it any time during that year and he refunds your money quickly and courteously.

When you click the Paypal™ “Add To Cart” button below, your order is completely safe. You can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.


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Rich Hamilton
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P.S. In addition to the 6-hour live recorded Maverick Advertising Seminar jammed with all the new advertising technique, strategy and hard tools to help you win, you receive the $77 PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit at no extra charge. You have a full year (not just 30 days) to use Maverick. If it’s not for you, return it for your money back.

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