Would You Believe Radio Advertising Ideas & Radio Copywriting Could Out-Perform All Other Media? – But There’s A Catch!

Many don’t believe it. I have seen radio advertising ideas build businesses at least double the rate of the average company.

I have used radio copywriting as my secret weapon to help friends beat their competitors. You can do the same . . . without risk. This is a small business advertising idea whose time has come . . . and you can cash it.

How well can radio perform?

You be the judge.

Jim & Tom owned a small west coast car dealership grossing $9.7 million a year. These are fascinating guys. Tom is a consummate salesman. You’d think he practiced limosine sales to Indian holy men . . . and succeeded. Jim has the head for business and organization. A straight shooter if there ever was.

Their problem when we met. They were sandwiched between two larger cities . . . one a half million . . . the other 100,000 . . . out in their own tiny town of 4,000. How to entice people to them? Who would even have the desire to drive 25 miles to trade with them?

Jim and Tom tried everything. Big newspaper ads in both cities, which ate cash like a hungry farm hand. Oversize billboards in hopes they could flag down a motorist here and there. Television, which failed miserably only after a huge expense. As they said, they had tried everything. Nothing worked.

First, we built them a plan that put a lid on their cash investment. We wanted to stop gorging the media and leave a bit more profit in their hands.

Next, we hand-selected only three radio stations for their message (couldn’t afford any more). Third, we built an advertising campaign centered around the major benefits we identified . . . and went to work.

At the end of the second year, sales mushroomed by 81% from $9.7 million to $17.6 million. Some in the industry speculated their percentage growth tagged them the fastest growing car dealer in the nation at the time.

That’s just one incident. Managers in 186 business categories used Maverick methods and radio advertising ideas specifically to earn more than one-half billion dollars in additional sales.

I took a sample of just 25 out of 3,100 companies from our list. They alone increased sales more than $152 million over and above previous sales.

That’s an average of $6.08 million each. What’s more, all started as small businesses ranging in sales from $60,000 to the $9.7 million of this small car dealer.

How our clients made
radio work

Jim & Tom accomplished their remarkable feat with a combination of two approaches:

  1. Radio as their primary medium and . . .

  2. The Maverick Marketing Method.

In the advertising world you may get the general impression radio is not nearly as effective as other major media. That’s why so many businesses opt for TV or newspaper advertising.

As you might guess, when we reveal companies rack up these big numbers with radio, skeptics look at us a little weird. They start edging toward the other end of the park bench.

What’s more, we’re not talking about using radio for a short-term sale or special event only. Maverick uses it through a full year to grow companies at double the normal rate. And it gets done at less cost than other major media.

That know-how has now been packaged in the Maverick Radio Tool Kit. If you own a small retail or service business – even in a smaller town – the Tool Kit strategies have produced more results at less cost than using big media.

Here’s the catch

First – just like we did – you have to learn how to use radio. You see, we discovered even people in the advertising business lack this information. That’s why many are surprised when we wheel up such staggering results.

Here’s what you receive
to help cash this unsung
giant for yourself

The Radio Tool Kit lays it out step-by-step. Would you like to know . . .

  • How to design ads that really work on radio? (They work differently than other media). Learn how on page 114.

  • How to schedule your ads to make them deliver more sales results? (Many ad reps never tell you how this medium can act like a giant radar sweeping in customers because they simply don’t know about this technique.) Page 163.

  • How many dollars – and how few – to budget to get the most return for your money? Page 185.

  • When to use radio – and when to save your money? Page 187.

  • Little known tactics that milk every last drop of sales out of your dollar? Page 101.

  • Which types of ad format work best? Page 86.

  • Secret strategies that punch up your results as much as 300%? (Your competitors almost certainly have never seen these. Even better, they have no idea how to counter them.) Page 134.

  • How to use the five critical factors you must have to make radio copy sell? Page 87.

  • Twelve prime advertising tactics that leave competitors in the dust? Page 97.

  • Thirty copywriting guidelines we discovered specifically for Radio? Each makes its own special contribution to your success. Page 101.

  • A unique way to state your pricing that grabs ears and entices customers through your door? Page 110.

  • Twenty-five proven principles we always follow when planning strategy? Page 135.

  • What any advertising will do – and what it won’t do – for you? Page 28.

  • Service principles you should demand from your ad rep to insure a good job? Page 196.

These are just a few of the
documented results from
Maverick strategies

  1. This $800k Black Hills restaurant that increased sales by 31% in a year when all area sales were down 25% because of ultra cool weather. And it added 25% more sales the next year.

  2. A $10 million hardware-outdoor chain used these methods during the past year to increase sales by more than $1 million – the biggest increase they’ve ever had.

  3. An auto repair service grew from $129,000 to $1.6 million.

  4. A well-established jewelry store used Maverick to triple their sales over the past four years.

  5. A little pet store owned by a very nice man and his wife grew from $590k to $2.6 million.

  6. A card shop, party and rental operation grew from $500k to $2 million-plus over three years.

. . . and you can read many more when you click on the Maverick Track Record.

How the Radio Tool
Kit came to be

Let me explain . . .

In the beginning, I worked successfully in retailing and enjoyed it but the pay was small. With a wife and three kids (the lights of my life) to feed, I finally received an opportunity to sell radio advertising.

One problem. I was young and dumb and had no idea how you make any kind of advertising work.

I was so embarrassed and frustrated I made a pest of myself . . . asking every old pro in my city how to make radio advertising work. I was aghast at the result.

Nobody knew. Not even the most seasoned pro had more than a few ideas. Commercial radio made its first broadcast in 1923. Radio was more than 40 years old when I entered the industry. Yet, virtually no research existed on how this medium induces people to buy products and become customers.

Oh, one person had an idea here – another there. Even a blind dog finds a bone now and again. But, nobody had a system that raised success odds for my customers above 50%. Oh, woe. I was doomed to failure.

In desperation, I read every advertising master I could find. I learned some people knew TV and print advertising but most had only a passing acquaintance with radio. Then, I started testing my own ideas. The ideas that worked, I kept. Those that didn’t, I tossed away. Years went by.

One day I took stock and realized I had perfected a whole series of working answers – enough to build a complete system for radio advertising ideas alone.

I called it the Maverick Marketing Method. The reason? Much research revealed techniques that run counter to the conventional wisdom advertising people spout.

Now, how to prove
Maverick worked? . . .

 . . . and along came young Bob H. Bob wanted to open a women’s boutique in my city. However, he had nothing but a few hundred dollars and a line of credit his retailer parents secured for him to buy goods.

He scouted around and found a dilapidated old double garage on a side street. There, he set to building his little store with his own hands.

Through a series of misadventures for which we have no time here but which my new book Maverick Marketing recounts, Bob & I struck a deal. He needed help. I needed somebody crazy enough to take a flyer on the untried Maverick Method.

This was my first attempt at a very raw small business marketing plan. It barely resembled the sophisticated, modern day MaverickPlan you learn in this course.

It was also the first time I ever used Maverick’s Benefit Sell advertising steps to design ads, which you also learn in this course.

We opened Bob’s store on August 1st – just in time for the Autumn season. Bob’s double garage comprised 800 square feet of space.

In those days, the clothing industry considered you successful if you sold $100 worth of goods per square foot yearly. That meant Bob could expect to gross (at most) about $80,000 in such a small store.

Between Bob’s merchandising genius and my untried advertising system, his tiny $80,000-potential store ended its first year with $156,000 sales. At the end of the second year, sales soared past $250,000!

Then, Bob got a brain flash. “Let’s open a second store – in a mall!” But we’d never be so bright as to locate it in the inner mall. Oh, no. Why not force customers to hunt for us? Besides, Bob got cheaper rent in an outer perimeter storefront.

Now, with 1,800 square feet in two small, out-of-the-mainstream stores, theoretically Bob would top out at about $180,000 sales. He miscalculated.

At the end of the second year, gross volume broke $523,000.

Amazingly, Bob’s ending inventory came in at $27,000 . . . so small it’s unheard of. The average women’s wear store turns stock 2½ times per year. Bob turned his 9.68 times!

Picture this scenario and you have it: “Back the delivery truck to the rear door. Let customers run through and pull the merchandise off the truck. Clerks barely have time to shelve the goods.”

Neat story – but how does
this fit using radio?

Here’s how. Besides quarterly direct mailings to his regular customers, Bob used the Maverick strategies on one radio station only in a city that boasted twelve. This city also supported the normal number of newspapers, TV stations, and a bevy of smaller media.

Bob’s success was phenomenal and the word got out. The Wall Street Journal actually called to publish his story.

In subsequent years, his business grew to a multi-million dollar enterprise with seven stores, with one in the fabled Plaza in Kansas City.

With that first win, I never looked back.

How does Maverick
define success?

In a rather unorthodox way: we believe clients who use Maverick methods should at least maintain sales during recession. And, in normal times, they should at least double the rate of sales increase of the average business. Many have built sales at several times that rate – in the 1981, 1991 and 2,000 recessions.

Here’s the amazing secret about Radio. To this day, many advertising agencies say it offers great promise. But, they admit privately they can’t make the medium work.

You can prove this yourself. Simply ask the agency if it would be a good idea to use it. Often, pros guide you away from it or downplay it. Besides, they earn more commission and production fees from print and TV.

Worse still, many radio stations themselves lack the know-how to help businesses grow. You know it’s true when they pitch their all-too-familiar “spots” and “packages of the month”, which have no relationship to your real needs.

This revealing statistic really nails how few understand the medium: Radio shares in less than 10% of all advertising revenues.

Of course, I seldom play on that fact. As long as the Radio industry gets such a small share of ad pie, their rates stay low. And Maverick enjoys a cost advantage when we buy advertising for our clients.

You see the whole picture
with this professional
radio course

I wrote this Tool Kit specifically to train Radio sales & production people. That’s why it’s so comprehensive. However, anybody can understand it because it’s written in plain English.

More than 1,100 radio representatives trained in Maverick throughout the U.S. and Canada. Some claim the Tool Kit is their virtual bible.

For the first time, you see everything from the other side of the table – just the way professionals see it. But you have the advantage of integrating that same information into your real, working business. So often, advertising people never learn to understand business, nor how to look at it as a manager would.

Never before have we offered the Tool Kit to business owners outside the professional circle. Since 23 million businesses operate in the U.S., almost certainly your competitors have never even heard many of these ideas.

You get the latest version – 6th Edition Revised. 216 pages. It comes to you in a handsome 8½ X 11-inch binder so it’s easy to use and store. And it’s updated to account for the latest arcane tidbits about the subject.

You get a bonus just for
trying the Tool Kit . . .

I’m so confident in the Radio Tool Kit for small business, I’d like everybody to use it. In thanks for trying it, I also send you:

  1. A set of 20 Tested Radio Ads. You draw from them as examples to model your own ads after. I’ve selected each from many of our different business categories, retail, service and professional practice so you can see how it works for your type of business.

  2. A set of 5 Case Histories that show you how Maverick uses Radio to grow companies. Each reveals how you can do the same.

  3. 99 Inspirational Quotations for Entrepreneurs. When you run your own business, you rely on yourself for impetus to keep moving. So, inspiration helps from wherever it comes. I created this book for our company’s own inspiration. May you find it as worthwhile as Maverick does.

You get a rare advantage
with this program

Ever wished you could have an ad medium all to yourself? You’ve probably noticed many businesses try radio, but seldom stay with it for long. That means when yours works, you’ll have few competitors to bedevil you.

One industry consultant calculated radio loses 46% of its clientele every year. If that happened in your business, you wouldn’t be around to read this, would you?

Why? Those companies have no idea what to expect, how to use radio, how to measure cost-effectiveness or how to make this medium grow their business. You will own all this and much more.

What other business managers
say about Maverick

“Strange that with so many years experience in retailing – 21 with a major chain – your five brief points (one small part of Maverick)…would completely change our advertising image and…results!” Jack Windsor, General Manager, Ramsey’s Dept Store

“Your approach…from perspective of small business is much more relevant to me than tactics for national campaigns I learned in college….” Britt Fulmer, Manager, Gentry Limited (Mens Wear) Wichita, KS

“We started using your Maverick System several months ago. I run a pizza restaurant – but I haven’t given out a coupon in all those months! (nearly unheard of in the pizza business) . . . Our sales are up 10.9% . . . Our food costs have fallen from 36% to 31% (which means 5% more dollars fall directly to the bottom line – highlight ours) because we have been able to stop discounting.” Larry R., Pizza franchise in the High Plains

What’s your cost?

  • Try the Basic Edition of the Radio Tool Kit for just $187.

  • If you have a lot riding on using radio correctly, the Deluxe Edition for $687 includes a $1,000 Private Consultation Certificate for on-going consultation with Maverick. Use it a bit at a time.

    When you finish your plans, but before you commit advertising dollars, Maverick consultants personally spend consulting time with you.

    They help you sharpen strategy, check your plans and suggest improvements in your ads. Then, the consultants stand on call at no charge for the next year to help you maneuver through any questions or problems.

    You save $500 on the Deluxe Edition since those two hours personal consultation normally cost $1,000 all by themselves.

For your protection,
a Guarantee . . .

I’ll not be fool enough to tell you this is easy as pie. It takes study and application. But once you master the Tool Kit, you’re driving a powerhouse of a small business advertising idea that doesn’t quit.

Because it’s not quite as easy as falling off a log (nothing really good ever is), I want you to have time . . . time to learn and get Maverick under your belt.

For that reason I guarantee the Radio Tool Kit for twelve months before you ever need make a judgment. What would it do for you to . . .

  • Relax and try out the simple template that assures each of your ads say the right thing – in the right order?

  • Design a small business marketing plan that automatically puts a stop on overspending?

  • Let abundant examples guide you to powerful, results-getting ads?

  • Track your sales results so you can see it work?

If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied, just return the Tool Kit and I’ll refund your entire purchase price promptly and courteously. That’s your unconditional one-year money back guarantee.

Buy it and decide
later . . .

If you haven’t quite decided about the Radio Tool Kit, don’t decide at all.

Use my guarantee. Buy it, use it . . . and decide later.

If the Radio Tool Kit doesn’t deliver all that’s promised, I want to give your money back. You’ll receive it promptly and courteously. The whole idea behind the year’s guarantee is to eliminate your risk.

Here’s how to order

Do you feel overwhelmed the way competitors outspend you in other media?

Feel you can’t compete?

How many profit dollars are you losing now because your current advertising either doesn’t produce the way it used to – or never did? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

And you’ll keep on losing if the problem goes uncorrected.

The Radio Tool Kit is your secret weapon to compete and win against competitors.

And you can put it to work right now with no risk.

As Russ Gibson, Owner, Christensen Diamond Jewelers, Hampton, IA says, “Deciding to do this program is a no-brainer. You alleviate the headaches of advertising and the results are awesome.”

I urge you to order this superb tool today at no obligation.

To order the Basic Edition of the $187 Radio Tool Kit, just use your credit card and click the Paypal™ “Add To Cart” button below. This kit also includes 20 tested radio ad examples, five case histories, and 99 Inspirational Quotations.

The $687 Deluxe Edition includes a $1,000 Private Consultation Certificate to have Maverick consultants review with you your plans and radio advertising ideas beforehand. You still receive the 20 tested radio ad examples, five case histories, and your own copy of 99 Inspirational Quotations.

When you click the Paypal™ “Add To Cart” button, your order is completely safe. You can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.

Warm regards,


Rod Rademacher
Maverick Strategy
Phone 785-783-7756 or
E-mail us here

P.S. Along with your 220-page Radio Tool Kit, you receive three free bonus aids to help you with your radio advertising ideas:

1) 20 examples of success-tested ads for ideas so you can see radio copywriting in action.

2) A set of five case histories revealing how Maverick achieved each phenomenal success with radio advertising ideas.

3) The $22 “99 Inspirational Quotations for Entrepreneurs”.

4) With the Deluxe Edition, you get added success insurance worth $1,000 by itself – two hours of Maverick phone consultation to review and improve your plans and radio advertising ideas before you start. (By the way, we are use those two hours just a few minutes at a time so you’re getting a lot more consultation than you may think at first glance.)

Order your choice today.


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