“Do your customers lack a strong reason to buy in your small business advertising strategy?”

Find and feature that reason front and
center with the Value Story Game

It’s a tragedy. Many companies don’t recognize their big reason. Want to create your own “point of difference” in customers’ minds? I’ll let you in on a secret. You already have it. You simply need to know how to find and use it in your advertising strategy.

Sluggish sales usually indicate customers simply don’t perceive a good reason to patronize you . . . and your small business advertising strategy fails before it starts.

Answer these questions and you’re likely to find that good reason: Who are you? Where are you in customers’ minds? How do you differentiate yourself from competitors?

I know of 26 ways to answer the question of how to differentiate yourself. One of them may be just right for you. And in just a minute, I’ll tell you how you can do it yourself, step-by-step with The Value Story Game.

No business can be everything to everybody. Well . . . maybe . . . if you own a general store in a small town . . . with no competition anywhere within 60 miles.
Are you the lucky duck who holds such a captive audience? 🙂

If not, how should you address the problem of attracting more customers?

Marketing professionals would ask, “What position does your business have?” Your customer needs a clear picture in his/her mind of “what your business does and who it is for”.

Ogilvy on Advertising (Vintage)David Ogilvy defined positioning this way in his book, Ogilvy On Advertising. You’ll find it on Amazon.com and I highly recommend it. He offers his thoughts about your business on page 12. Just click on the picture here.

In this article, I have identified twenty-six market positions a small business might take to show its “point of difference” vividly. Thousands of companies have reaped astonishing success with these . . .

26 marketing positions that
telegraph a company’s
“reason to buy”

You can use these ideas to help define your own position. However, if you assume everybody is your customer, you’ll fail. Not even our largest businesses attract everybody. Even mighty Wal-Mart does only about 8% of the retail business in the nation.

Picture companies in your community and you’ll recognize some of these positions. These are just four of them.

  1. Luxury Leader. Offers fine/high quality goods and/or high quality services. Usually it’s for upper income customers.

  2. Low Price Leader. Low end pricing. Low priced leader. This business offers goods or services at low prices.

  3. Durable and Reliable. This business goes the opposite direction. It offers the “old standby that always does the job”. Customers usually buy here to get tried and tested equipment that continues to perform well. It’s best customers generally value reliability and long service.

  4. Old-Fashioned Way. The old-fashioned way holds great appeal for many people. It offers a nostalgic remembrance of better times and places. These customers believe old-fashioned is the right way. They trust old-fashioned rather than new-fangled.

One of the 26 positions outlined in this course probably describes your business to a tee. And, there are also combinations a company can take.

How to get started positioning
your company

Order the Maverick Value Story Game.

This specialized training course guides you through the necessary steps to set a market position. It helps you build your own unique Value Story for your small business marketing.

This new instrument acts as a “linch-pin” for all your promotional efforts. It holds together all your advertising, gives it focus and helps give your company the same “feel” wherever it appears.

Once you complete your Value Story, you can see graphically 1) all the powerful selling points your business offers, 2) your business’ structure, and 3) the best marketing position to take.

You use the Value Story Game in four different ways to:

  • Determine your marketing position to give you a leg up on competition.

  • Strengthen and deepen all your ads as you systematically include Value Story sales points in every ad.

  • Develop a tool to train your associates in all the selling points your business offers.

  • Bind and display your Value Story in waiting rooms and other areas. It helps customers get better acquainted with your company.

  • Post an edited and polished variation of it on your website and in your store or office.

What’s your cost?

Take your choice of two options:

  1. The Basic Edition of the Value Story Game is just $97.

  2. If you feel you could use professional help completing your project, the $347 Deluxe Edition includes a $500 Private Consultation Certificate, which saves you $250. In this version, Maverick consultants personally guide you to set and fine-tune your market position, plus answer any other questions about your marketing.

  • As Theresa McLean, Goodarts Gallery says, “With (Maverick’s) seasoned managers, I take advantage of their expertise without full-time executive salaries. Recently, they helped me save a $30,000 account. . . . we have a “board” of seasoned management that has helped us grow. Sales are up an almost unbelievable 137% in three years.”

With either edition I will send you three bonuses – free – worth almost as much as the Value Story Game itself because I want you to see how this valuable program livens up your marketing.

  1. A $17 Maverick Special Report, “How To Get More Referrals At Lo-No Cost”. Nine time-tested ways to build extra business through the magic of referral.

  2. Our $57 PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit. This course solves forever the problem that plagues every small business. As a good citizen you contribute to causes but, uncontrolled, they can drain you dry.

    This Ad Savings Kit shows how to say “NO” without angering solicitors who may be your customers, friends and neighbors. Complete instruction plus easy forms. More than 5,000 managers say this course pays for itself daily. It’s yours free when you order the Value Story Game.

  3. My $9-dollar 99 Inspirational Quotations for Entrepreneurs. “Man does not live by bread alone.” True. In fact, man often foregoes bread to seek his ideals. This compilation of 99 quotations is chosen just for the entrepreneur who so often lives on much faith and little bread. Bound volume.

Your Game is guaranteed

As always with Maverick products, this course is fully guaranteed. I want you to get acquainted and work with it for a full year. If you feel it’s not worth the cost during that time, just return it for a prompt and courteous refund, and keep the bonuses for your trouble.

How to put the Value Story
to work for you

Are your sales failing to grow as you’d like? Is the potential of your business much greater than results you’re getting?

And it’ll stay in that rut if it’s not corrected, won’t it?

If you need a new approach to position your small business for growth, the Value Story Game does it with no risk whatsoever.

I urge you to get this course for yourself with the money-back guarantee. Pros employ this advertising strategy in big companies. I custom-tailored the Value Story Game so you can use the same strategy in small business.

Click the Paypal™ “Add To Cart” button below and your order is completely safe. You can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.

  • The Basic Edition gives you a $180 value for just $97. The Value Story Game also includes your $17 Maverick Lo-No Cost Referral report the $57 PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit, and the 99 Inspirational Quotations at no extra charge. Click the button below to order.
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I’ll ship it right out to you.

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P.S. The Value Story Game is an easy, fast small business advertising strategy to give direction to your company. You’ll wonder why somebody hasn’t thought of it before. And, since it’s guaranteed for a whole year, you have no risk whatsoever.

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