Custom Advertising Campaigns

“You can create your own unique Strategy Plan & Advertising Campaign – one that fits your business”

Your business is different from competitors. Does your strategy plan and advertising campaign communicate those differences?

With Maverick Strategy helps you with a custom-built Advertising Strategy Plan and Ad Campaign that sets your company apart from competitors.

Our approach to helping you includes considerably more than most ad agencies can muster. That’s why Maverick is a marketing consultancy, not an advertising agency.

We take no commission from media to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. That means we work only for you. We offer these services:

MaverickPlan© Market Planning

  • Research and consulting for your market that ends in a complete year’s advertising strategy and plan for your company.

  • The copyrighted MaverickPlan© gives you a “blueprint” for action (up to 160 pages) with all instructions.

  • You receive continuing assistance and consultation throughout the year as part of your plan.

In just a minute, we’ll tell you more about how a MaverickPlan© works.

Market Research

Before finalizing any plans, Maverick researches your business, your market, and available media to determine your best approach.

At this point, Maverick diverges from standard ad agency practices. We analyze carefully your company’s Value Package . . .

© 2001 Gary (Rod) Rademacher

 . . . to determine what you need to make your business perform well. We may recommend some or all of the following services. You make the final decision about them.

Your Company’s “Value Story”

When you study ads – even ads produced on the national level – you discover most omit a critical element small business must have at the local level: they may sell your product but fail to give prospects hard reasons to become your customer.

Think about your market. How many different places can a prospect purchase your generic product? Usually several.

Your ad may sell your product but the prospect can then purchase that generic item or service in many places. That means your expensive advertising may work just as hard for a competitor as it does for you.

The Maverick Method rounds up and puts your brand on all the marketing elements for your company.

We conduct an unusual “in-depth live Value Story interview” with you to determine why people should buy from you instead of competitors (unusual because we have never seen it done elsewhere outside national level advertising agencies).

During this interview, Maverick writer/designers capture all the major sales points your ads should contain about both your products and your business. This discussion helps you get the most possible advertising results from your investment.

Our professionals invest many hours writing and polishing your Value Story. This document becomes the foundation for every marketing and advertising communication you put before your customers – broadcast ads, newspaper, brochures, direct mail, internet sites – everything.

Does it work? Listen to what professional Randy Steckley, Missoula MT, a long-time printer/publisher says,

“I needed a brochure for my new business. I’ve been in the printing business for 30 years . . . I had some thoughts . . . but things were sort of fuzzy. I used Maverick ideas about my company’s Value Story. When I finished, there was my brochure – saying all the right things. All I had to do was drop the information in. It really works!”

Your business’s Value Story raises your success odds dramatically, yet few marketing people have ever even heard of the idea.


After you approve your Value Story, Maverick custom-designs, writes and delivers your own brochure, printed if you desire, or ready for you to take to your own printer.

Custom Ad Campaign Design

Maverick uses its 30-plus-years research and its unique Benefit Sell advertising construction methods to design and write ad campaigns for all the major media you need– Newspaper, Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Internet, Magazine, Yellow Pages, and all minor media.

We custom-design these campaigns for Retail, Service, Professional Practices, Manufacturing and Business-to-Business.

To assure sales success, all campaigns employ tested Maverick Benefit Sell methods. We use professional selling rules instead of “creative” advertising ideas to make ads that work.

If you wish, you can click & learn more about Benefit Sell here.

Print Design & Printing

Maverick can design your company logo plus design and print brochures, flyers, catalogues, and construct point of purchase merchandising for display.

Media Planning & Placement

With our 30 years know-how, Maverick plans how to use each media and also negotiates prices for you. We expect to negotiate from 10% to 30% more advertising for your money, over and above Maverick’s fees.

Website Design

There are two parts to website building: content and technical design.

Maverick specialists focus on designing content (the most critical part of a website) for your informational or retail website.

We have available excellent, low-cost website builders who do the second part – technical website design.

We’ve also found the slickest, easiest program to date to help you set up your own website, and design it complete with auto responders, pretty banner headers and much more. Most important, you can post your own information and pictures. You do away with high costs to set up and maintain a site and you don’t have to pay someone else every time you want to put up something new. It really works. It’s called Run Your Own Website.

Summing up —

Maverick Custom Advertising Campaigns may include some or all of the following, at your option:

  1. Market research for your business.

  2. MaverickPlan© custom-designed advertising plan for your business.

  3. Your unique Value Story.

  4. Complete multi-media Advertising Campaign designed exclusively for your business.

  5. Designs for printed pieces and printing of those pieces.

  6. Maverick can oversee all ad production, rate negotiation, and placement with media, if needed, to make sure you get your money’s worth.

  7. Design and write the all-important content for your website, and arrange for qualified website builders.

  8. You receive continuing monthly analysis and consultation with Maverick’s professional team through a full year.

  9. You know your exact investment before you start. We charge by the project, not by the hour. No handing us blank checks here. We never “nickle & dime” you to death with extra charges for phone calls, consultation time, pens, pencils, erasers, & kitchen sinks.

Our fees generally are charged as services are performed. For special projects, we usually require one-half down and the other half on delivery.

For more information about any of these services, call us toll free 800-445-3437 or Email me here.

About MaverickPlan©

Your MaverickPlan© includes a confidential Strategy Planning Session, a custom-built Computerized Plan including instructions, free mid-year progress analysis, fine-tuning as needed, and consultation at no additional charge with our toll-free “800” number at any time.

This plan has proven to cut planning time from several weeks to just four to eight working hours. You eliminate wasted spending, and position your company to get more results at less cost.

Because each business is different, your planning process must be unique and individual.

The majority of time in Strategy Planning is invested in thinking through, a step at a time, the marketing strategy that works best for your business.

How Maverick strategy
planning works

First, you and your Maverick consultant meet by phone one-on-one to analyze your situation.

We help you clarify both your goals and the resources you have to achieve those goals. Where do you want your business to go? What do you want to achieve — specifically?

Maverick helps you determine the pattern of transactions in your business and how they occur as we construct your transaction curve. Your company will always do better when you can work with the flow patterns of your business.

Once everyone has a good understanding of the sales patterns of your business, a computer analysis shows you when to pull back on ad investment to avoid wasting money and when to push forward to get more customers and to keep the customers you have.

Through extensive research, Maverick helps you establish the combination of individual media that works best for your business.

Your plan computes the number of media you can afford to use effectively with the budget you have. It even computes the number of print layouts and broadcast ad scripts you need to support the number of ads you run through the year.

Your key to stop wasting
advertising dollars

When you receive a MaverickPlan© and budget, it’s always based on good business principles designed to drive customers to your door.

This budget must be appropriate, yet comfortable for you. Once it’s done, you put a “lid” on it to avoid spending unnecessary dollars.

When the process is complete, Maverick delivers your comprehensive MaverickPlan© to you. This copyrighted instrument, customized to your business, includes your master plan (approximately 3 feet by 20 inches in area).

Your MaverickPlan© accounts for virtually every dollar you plan to invest over the following 12 months. You put to work a blueprint for success for your business during the next year.

You receive an instructional binder, which may contain as many as 160 pages, depending on the number of media you need to use. Nothing is left to chance.

This binder includes your:

  • MaverickPlan©.

  • A Public Relations-Donation Ad Budget Kit to help you control donation advertising.

  • Instructions on how to read your plan.

  • A Recap of the strategic thinking that goes into your plan.

  • 12 Monthly Worksheets that make it easy to execute your plan.

  • You also receive pre-made monthly Media Insertion Orders. Give these to your media reps to guide you and them in placing your orders and controlling your budget.

Your key to saving
administrative time

This thorough planning helps you gain time to focus on other important management functions. All too often, managers get buried in the zillion details of administering advertising and marketing.

We often find managers choked with thousands of details in trying to construct too many different ads for too many different media. They waste hundreds of hours.

Maverick streamlines the whole process. You simply oversee and make the decisions while we handle all the details.

You get close communication
& close attention

When your plan is underway, Maverick consultants stay close to you with —

  1. Periodic analysis and an in-depth progress analysis mid-year. Maverick uses your monthly updated sales numbers and other pertinent information to help you analyze your progress.

    We use computerized diagnostic tools to determine how well you are progressing toward your goals. This analysis allows you to adjust expenditures to protect your financial position and get higher returns.

  2. Toll-free “800” phone access to Maverick consultants at any time. You may be thinking through a strategy or situation. Often Maverick consultants can offer incisive questions, critical thinking, or new information that helps you come to a more profitable decision.

These extra services are all included. They’re part of Maverick’s aid to insure your success.

Theresa McLean, Goodart’s Gallery, MO says,

“Maverick has proved their commitment in many ways. They prepare our marketing budget, track sales, and monitor it so we don’t overspend. They write great ad copy that really mirrors the values our store has to offer.

“They help me in many more ways than just advertising. With their seasoned managers, I get to take advantage of their expertise, but without full-time executive salaries.

“For instance, I recently had a sticky situation with a large customer. They helped me think through the correct way to handle the customer. I wound up in a much better relationship and saved a $30,000 account. In effect, we have a “board” of seasoned management that has helped us grow.”

Mrs. McLean is only one of more than 3,100 companies that have entrusted their marketing to Maverick – and one of more than 21,000 that have been trained in Maverick Seminars. Click here to learn about Maverick’s Track Record.

With the aid of the Maverick Strategy’s 30-plus years of research and experience, you can plan and execute more effective advertising, eliminate wasted spending, save precious time, and earn more profit.

To do a thorough job for you,
Maverick requires these
kinds of information

This list is easy to complete and we help you with it:

  • Your gross sales volume, by month, for the past three years (less if your business has been operating for less time). Maverick uses this information to construct your transaction curve – the unique pattern in which your business operates.

  • Examples of ads from all media you have used during the past year.

  • A List of media you bought in the past year: how much you spent on each in the past year: (including all the little ads in high school yearbooks, business card ads, backs of programs, etc.)

  • What media you currently use, and the rate you currently pay for advertising on each. Radio spot rates & length of ads, TV spot rates; rate per inch for newspaper.

  • A copy of your yellow pages contract, or contracts if you use more than one phone book.

  • An estimated number of names on your customer list, if you have one.

  • A copy of your letterhead and logo (if available).

  • A list of your manufacturers (and your reps’ names) who offer cooperative advertising, if it applies to your business.

  • Profit & Loss statements from the past year. With these, we can often spot ways to help you stop profit drains.

If you’d like to discuss the details of any of these services for your company, call us at Maverick Strategy –
785-783-7756 or Email me here.


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