Executive Advertising Seminar

Have you noticed how thousands of companies win success through compelling advertising & marketing?

Right down your street, one of them basks in sunny days of abundance.

Picture members of your trade association or customers of your company . . . growing steadily . . . because they hold an extra edge through ethical, persuasive advertising. And you brought this know-how to them.

Each member is just five answers away from that same success. They ask themselves ― Do I know if . . .

  1. My dollars are being wasted on the wrong media?
  2. I simply spend my money because I haven’t planned and connected that plan to a specific goal?
  3. My ad messages say the right things?
  4. My messages are directed to the right people?
  5. My ad people fail to communicate the real values my company offers?

    Discover tested answers to these questions in six hours of live (and lively) give and take in the Maverick Executive Advertising Seminar. Top management of your trade group or your customer group immerse themselves in critical skills.

    This concentrated, one-day crash course teaches you the exact skills a manager needs to make advertising profitable. Ninety-nine tested tools that eliminate these five frustrating obstacles. You leave with a whole system that reveals . . .

  • How to choose and use all major media (and minor ones) to deliver measurable results.
  • How to build a near bulletproof plan that ties your ad dollars directly to your goals. If you’re not reaching your goal, you don’t spend the money.
  • How to insure your ads say the right things . . . proven to reap up to 1,950% more results than average ads.
  • How to take aim on the real prospects who want and need your product.
  • How to define and communicate the unique values your company offers so those prospects understand and respond.

To make sure Maverick works for you, you also get at no additional charge . . .

. . . on-going access to the consultant afterward for advice on all aspects of Maverick methods. I’ll show you how in just a moment.

Untold companies across this nation never reach their potential. Capable managers offering excellent products lack just one thing . . . expertise in marketing strategy for their type of business.

These managers feel stymied. Many say they’ve “tried everything and nothing works!” To compound the problem, new media sprout like weeds in a freshly planted garden. Too many choices . . . and getting worse.

What you learn in the Maverick Executive Advertising Seminar . . .

1. How to choose and use the specific
ad media proven to produce more
results for your type of company

Radio, TV, Newspaper, Direct Mail, Internet, Yellow Pages and minor media . . . even down to sandwich boards.

Maverick invested 30 years research in 186 different business categories to nail down what media work best for your kind of business.

You learn what does – and what doesn’t. Make decisions more surely. No old advertising bromides here. Attendees say these recommendations differ markedly from “conventional” advertising wisdom.

  • Says Tom Lux, Owner, Concept Restaurants, Colorado Springs, “Very helpful. Especially specific guidelines on . . . media selection.”
  • Tim Furey, Owner, Opportunity Resources Inc., Missoula MT says, “I appreciated the comments about things that don’t work. Many new ideas that make sense.”

2. How to build a near bulletproof
plan that ties ad dollars directly
to your goals

If you’re not reaching your goal, you don’t spend the money. In the copyrighted MaverickPlan, small business managers gain a simple way to plan and allocate dollars like a professional marketer.

Our consultants analyze thousands of merchants’ advertising and marketing. It’s true. Managers often waste half their ad dollars, as department store magnate John Wanamaker held.

With the MaverickPlan you hold a success blueprint so you can . . .

  • Delegate your marketing. You simply oversee it.
  • Precisely allocate your dollars within conservative budget limits.
  • Carve away and eliminate from 20% to 80% of wasted dollars. (Sound crazy? Maverick does it all the time.)
  • Just one example . . . Last year, the president of a struggling $10 million dollar home center near Tacoma enlisted a MaverickPlan to fight a giant new Home Depot. Sales, down by 3.83%, dogged them going in.
    They changed only their marketing as they planned & pinpointed dollars. Result? Sales rose by $1 million – a 13%-plus turnaround! They’re growing – first time in four years. Net profit more than doubled.

3. How to attract customers
when you insure your ads
say the right things

Have marketing people hornswoggled you into believing advertising is some complicated magic art? That “ad witches” brew mysterious potions and only they know the recipe?

Forget the witch-and-potion foolery. How about an easy five-step ad approach proven to grow companies at least twice the average rate?

Learn a simple, logical method

Surprisingly, this Benefit Sell works better for managers like you than for most advertising people.

You call on a skill you know better than they . . . professional selling rules . . . instead of so-called “creative” advertising.

  • Picture yourself in this seminar. From your Conference Guide, you extract a Benefit Sell Worksheet.

  • Choose a product to sell. Answer the questions just the way you would with a customer.

  • Fill in the blanks as directed, and viola! All the basics for a selling ad . . . right there.

  • Hand the idea to your advertising people.

“It can’t be that simple!” you say. Yes, it can.

Then it dawns on you. Advertising is simply a miniature sales presentation! That means you personally have the power to guide your advertising to plentiful sales. Maverick shows you how.

Benefit Sell has proven popular because it’s such an easy, fast way to increase sales response.

  • Says Pat Gobel, Owner, Dundee Dell Restaurant, “My newspaper and radio ads had won top awards for creativity
    . . . but didn’t even cover production, let alone ad (costs). [Maverick] ads “look” the same as others, but are different in content . . . and get substantially different results. I have a 20% increase and net profits up at least 300%.”

If you can sell, you can make your ads succeed with the sales know-how you already have. Don’t sell personally as well as you’d like? Then, brush up your sales skills here while ramping up your advertising results.

4. How to take aim on the real
prospects who want and
need your product.

Ever slog through a sales presentation to a prospect who has no interest? You might close the sale but mostly you end up talking only to yourself.

In this seminar segment, you discover how to describe and find more of your best prospects.

Aim your advertising messages at more people who want to buy.

Teach your people how to do the same.

5. How to educate your associates
to communicate the unique
values your business offers

Do you often shudder at dopey ideas your ad reps come up with? Somehow, they miss the point?

At a bit of a loss as to how to direct them . . . or do other people make your ads because you haven’t time?

That’s okay.

But . . . that means you must oversee what your messages say. Otherwise, you cede control of your company image to advertising sellers.

We’ve tracked it. This management lapse virtually guarantees a big hole in your net profit.

How to plug that hole with
your unique Value Story

Maverick perfected a management tool that keeps your marketing people on track. You learn how to build a Value Story that surfaces clearly the unique persuasive selling points of your business . . . all the elements that build a strong sales case to customers.

Use it to move products & services of course. But, with your Value Story each presentation multiplies power as it educates customers about your company. (Think you already do this? You’ll see how nearly all ads – including yours – lack this power).

Do it easy. You pour a cup, prop your feet up and simply answer Maverick’s finely tuned questions. Only you have these answers. They’re in your head. In fact, any you can’t answer don’t count . . . automatically.

Once done, this instrument helps you teach your people how to make your selling messages continue to sell long after they run.

  • Randy Stekly, Owner, Big Prints Plus, Missoula MT says, “I needed a brochure . . . I’ve been in the printing business for 30 years so I pretty well know my way around. I used Maverick’s idea about how to build my company’s Value Story. When I finished, there was my brochure – saying all the right things. All I had to do was drop the information in. It really works!”

Important? In this 21st century arena, your marketing is critical.

More and more big companies elect CEOs from their marketing departments. Why? . . . too many competitors. Of course, you must offer a good product, but all that competition has doubled the ante.

With Maverick, top management continues to offer a good product. And, now it knows how how to market competitively.

If you’d like more Details about the Seminar Agenda, click here.

Why does the Maverick
Method work?

As a young man thirty years ago, I suffered from an awkward problem. Business owners were trusting me with very large orders – and I had no idea how to make their advertising work.

Let me confess. I was making lots of money and I was scared . . . scared I’d lose it all! I thought, “I’ll ask the old pros in my area to share their wisdom.” To my amazement, they didn’t know either. Nobody had a coherent system to make advertising earn a decent return down at the Main Street level.

So, I began to research and test ideas. Ultimately, I invested more than $2 million dollars and a quarter century.

I discovered hundreds of inexpensive new approaches just for local managers.

I named these tools the “Maverick” Marketing Method because many of them contradict beliefs conventional advertisers teach us.

You may ask, “Yes, but will Maverick work for my kind of company? We researched more than 186 categories of business (Odds are you’re in there somewhere). Then, we applied these methods to help more than 3,100 companies grow.

The average business grows at 3% to 4% per year. Maverick-trained managers grow at least double the average rate – and slash expenses too. Some grow 6% to 15% per year . . . some as much as 96% yearly. Many increase profits by hundreds of percent and never raise the budget.

How well does Maverick work? You can check the Maverick Track Record, by just clicking here.

From Canada to Florida, our seminars informed and entertained audiences more than 200 times. It’s been quite a ride. We’ve presented Maverick at national trade conferences in cities like San Francisco, Dallas and Orlando – all over the North American continent.

We’re grateful for reviews like this . . .

  • Jeff Underwood, Manager, Computerland says, “I have had marketing training from IBM, AT&T, Apple, Compaq, and Computerland . . . from a single day . . .to an entire week (with IBM). I learned more useful information in this seminar than in all the other training . . .”

We’re honored how long-time managers find new encouragement. Even the most committed can tire of an enterprise that once inspired them. Often, these veterans say they’re re-energized. Refreshed – after mastering this baffling management component.

Everybody loves baseball great Yogi Berra for saying, “It ain’t over til it’s over.” Well, your seminar also “ain’t over” because . . .

You take home an armful
of useful tools

Along with the Executive Seminar, you acquire four free business tools to use long afterward . . .

  1. Share everything with your associates from the $97, 99-page Maverick Conference Guide. This newly revised executive workbook helps you nail down every point. How-to forms, guides, and plentiful examples all included.

  2. Do you dread constant Public Relations-Donation solicitations? PR programs and wasteful “image” ads for causes such as “Save The Twit-bird From Acid Fumes”?

    As a good citizen, you probably support causes. But your first obligation is to stay in business to serve your customers. These never-ending requests devour your time, drain you dry and actually endanger some businesses financially.

    The $57 Maverick PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit helps you avoid angering customers & neighbors who solicit you. Now, you give to the ones you can, and say “no” – in a nice way – to those you can’t.

    One Nebraska auto repair saved $8,500 on PR-Donation ads. No big deal? The owner re-allocated that money to more productive media. His advertising cost remained the same while sales grew a whopping 25%.

    CEOs each save as much as $9,600 wasted advertising expense. Many say this kit justifies the price of the day by itself. It’s yours, free of charge.

  3. To help you over the bumps, we include one-on-one advice. Each manager receives $1,000 in Maverick Certificates for private consultation.

    At no additional charge, Maverick is on call to help you fine-tune your plans and ads afterwards. No one goes away lamenting, “Great ideas! But, how do I use them myself or train my people?”

  • As Theresa McLean, Owner, Goodarts Gallery says of Maverick, “In effect we have a board of seasoned management . . .I get the advantage of their expertise, but without full-time executive salaries. For instance, I recently had a sticky situation with a large customer. I wound up in a much better relationship and saved a $30,000 account. Sales are up an almost unbelievable 137% in three years.”

Add up the seminar and all the tools. Individually, they’d cost $1,769 per person. You invest much less. I’ll show you how in a minute . . .

Plenty of other managers will chime in if you’d like to click on Seminar Members’ Comments here.

Imagine what it would do for you
to have confidence that . . .

  • Customers respond to your advertising in greater numbers every day?
  • Your messages now take precise aim at better prospects?
  • Customers learn the full story about your service to them . . . and appreciate it?
  • You wheel up a real plan to use your dollars well . . . no longer waste them?
  • You know which media work best for your business . . . and you’re growing a solid customer base?
  • You work with less stress?
  • You’re freshly inspired to tackle your business?

If you have fought for control of your marketing . . . felt beaten by it . . . you’re not!

So, what’s the cost of this day?

Your organization can sponsor the Maverick Executive Advertising Seminar for as little as $8,925 . . . and that includes $174 worth of materials for each member up to 15 people. Progressive discounts for larger groups of 25, 50, 90 and 150.

Every manager saves hundreds of dollars. Maverick stages this specialized management program in your own city. No going to New York, L.A or Dallas (unless you’re holding it in Dallas, of course). That means members save airline tickets, hotels, meals and precious travel time.

But, what if this turns out not all it’s cracked up to be? We understand. So, Maverick offers each member our personal . . .

No-risk guarantee

Maverick guarantees each individual member money back unconditionally. At seminar’s end anyone who feels it’s not worthwhile, for any reason, receives a prompt and courteous refund. And they keep the gifts for their trouble.

Have you managed a business for years? Believe you’ve seen everything? You have not seen many of these methods because our own research perfected and closely guards them.

Bill Kingzett, Avalanche Express says, “Surprised my business degree and background hadn’t revealed a number of your recommendations! Very insightful . . . !”

Here’s how to get the facts

How many profit dollars do members of your group lose now . . . simply because their advertising and marketing strategy fails to produce what it should? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

And they’ll keep on losing if the problem goes uncorrected.

If you’re responsible for finding powerful new management tools for your customers or trade association — methods that sharpen decisions, save time, and multiply sales and profit levels — choose the Maverick Executive Advertising Seminar.

  • As the seasoned Marketing Director of a $300 million dollar High Plains Company says, “This program covered marketing completely. One idea would be worth the registration fee. I came away with many new ideas.”

Duties with current clients limit us to less than 8 seminars per year. May we suggest you check your calendar now to assure the most convenient date for your group? I urge you to investigate the money-back guaranteed Maverick Executive Advertising Seminar right now. There’s no obligation.

Just pick up the phone and call 785-783-7756 or E-mail me here to learn date availabilities and clarify any points about this unique advertising seminar for company decision-makers.

Warm regards,


Rod Rademacher
Maverick Strategy
Phone: 785-783-7756 or
Email us here

PS. In addition to the day’s seminar, all members get four valuable gifts to improve their management. The Maverick Executive Advertising Seminar qualifies as a tax-deductible business expense and carries a money-back guarantee. No member can lose.

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Do you live in the Central U.S? Rod welcomes traveling anywhere on the continent to train your group.

However, he knows some managers would rather save travel expense by engaging training programs based in the central states.

From Rod’s offices in Topeka – just outside Kansas City, he can travel easily and inexpensively to cities like Abilene TX, Albuquerque, Alexandria LA, Amarillo, Appleton, Austin TX, Baton Rouge, Battle Creek MI, Beaumont, Billings MT, Birmingham AL, Boise, Branson MO, Casper WY, Cedar Rapids, Champaign-Urbana, Chattanooga, Cheyenne WY, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbia MO, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Davenport/Moline, Dayton, Denver, Des Moines, Dodge City, Dubuque, Durango CO, El Paso, Enid, Evansville IN, Fargo-Moorhead, Fort Smith, Fort Wayne, Gillette WY, Grand Junction CO, Grand Rapids, Green Bay, Gulfport, Hot Springs, Houston, Huntsville, Indianapolis, Jackson MS, Jefferson City, Joplin, Kansas City, Lafayette LA, Lansing, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, Lawton OK, Lewiston, Lexington KY, Lincoln NE, Little Rock, Louisville, Lubbock, Madison WI, Mason City, Memphis, Midland-Odessa, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Minot, Monroe LA, Nashville, Natchez, New Orleans, North Platte, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Paducah, Pensacola, Peoria, Phoenix, Pocatello, Pueblo, Rapid City, Riverton WY, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Salina KS, Santa Fe, Scottsbluff, Shreveport, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Springfield IL, Springfield MO, St. Cloud, St. Joseph, St. Louis, Terre Haute, Toledo, Tucson, Tulsa, Waco, Wausau and Wichita.

Rod often uses inexpensive air travel to hub cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Memphis, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and St. Louis.

Also Rod has easy access to these cities in Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Kamloops, Kelowna, Medicine Hat, Prince Albert, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Victoria, and Winnipeg.

These are examples of just a few industries that have benefited from Maverick Strategies:

Art and Frame Shops, Auto Dealers, Bicycle Shops, Business Services, Farm & Garden Equipment, Florists, Furniture Stores, Garden Centers, Gift Shops, Hardware Stores, Home Improvement, Hotels & Motels, Jewelers, Lawn & Garden Stores, Manufactured Housing, Opticians, Optometrists, Pet Stores, Photographers, Radio Stations, Restaurants, Resorts, Ski Shops, Shoe Stores, Sporting Goods, Tire Dealers, Transmission Shops, Auto Accessories, Truck Accessories, Western Wear and Womens Wear.