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Maverick Strategy specializes in helping “LESS-than-Fortune 500” companies market products and services.

One of our many tools is a unique way of building advertising campaigns based on the discipline of professional selling rules instead of whatever-feels-good “creative” advertising ideas.

This rather uncommon practice in advertising reaps more sales return by test — usually considerably more than the norm. Ads are the easy part for Maverick. We construct them all the time. However, ads are only one part of marketing.

Rod's PhotoMaverick professionals also custom-design strategy planning, merchan-
dising, public relations, and & train managers in seminars continent-wide.

Rod Rademacher writes and speaks on advertising, marketing, business and media strategy. As a long-time owner, he understands business problems. He’s met pay-rolls all his life.

Audiences describe Rod as a power-
ful speaker. Hear him and you un-
derstand why he gets rave reviews at national trade conventions in St. Louis, Los Angeles, New Orleans and other major cities.

Brad Snyder Anacortes, WA says, “Finally, practical, applicable, useful and cost-effective advice. The best investment I’ve made.” From Bryan and Missy Sorenson, Stevensville, MT, “Wow! You are dynamic! Loved your presentation. Can we adopt you?”

Maverick Track Record

Rod is considered a pioneer in marketing. The very word had been coined only a few years before he went into the field.

Some rank him among the top half-dozen small business marketing consultants n the nation.

Rod says he doesn’t know about that. But, he can legitimately rank himself within the top 15%, based on a known fact:*

Less than 15% of proclaimed consultants earn enough to make a living at it. Rod has supported his company, a staff & himself for more than 30 years. (Sometimes really well, he says).

Maverick has worked with more than 3,100 small businesses. Records show we’ve helped those 3,100 companies add in excess of $1 billion dollars to their revenues.

Maverick History

After working in retail, Rod was given an opportunity to move to radio & TV performance, then advertising sales and management.

Within a short time, clients began trusting him with large amounts of their money. One problem. Rod knew little about advertising and marketing. He thought, “I’ll ask the old pros in my city. They’ll know.” They didn’t.

One had an idea here – another there. But nobody had a coherent system to assure marketing success. Rod says, “I felt so guilty I nearly abandoned the whole thing at the start.”

Then, he discovered the old masters of advertising – and devoured their writings. He began to test his own ideas in marketing strategy, merchandising and display, ad copy, effective budgeting levels and selling methods. He validated results by analyzing clients’ Profit & Loss statements.

Failures? Plenty. Legitimate answers surfaced only after agonizing years as he painfully assembled his new Maverick Marketing Method.

21,000 Maverick users

Since 1976, Maverick has hosted more than 21,000 businesses in 186 business categories in their seminars, plus designing more than 3,100 marketing plans and ad campaigns for clients.

Original marketing plans were in longhand. Now, Maverick uses sophisticated computer spreadsheet programs for pinpoint analysis, planning, and budgeting.

Maverick Today

Maverick’s professional staff carries on the Maverick tradition. They mount research on a far larger scale than the company’s early one-man show.

$2 million to develop

It took $2 million to test and sharpen the Maverick Marketing Method, add new ideas and discard the failures. The payoff? Clients register profitability at more than double the national average. Maverick’s analysis shows a client success rate of 83.7 out of 100 – mighty high in this business.

During the 2000 through 2003 recession Maverick clients registered an average 9% sales gain when others’ sales were down.

You’re welcome to call on Maverick. If a question bugs you about your advertising or marketing, just Click Here and ask it. Or go to Key Information on the right side of your screen where you can explore the Table of Contents and all the information there. We plan to help your business succeed – wildly.

* Howard Shenson, now deceased, was knowns as the consultant’s consultant. His expertise covered consultants and their profession. Howard’s research revealed the “15%” point.


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