What Maverick Customers Say

Will this program be good? Worth my time? . . . Listen to a few comments from attendees

Needless to say (but we’ll say it anyway), we’re most grateful these folks speak such kind words for us and we wish a blessing on each.

“I came into the seminar with…misgivings. First, I thought it would be for big stores only…. Instead I found…the smallest retailer can use it. Second, I thought it would be hype. It was anything but.” Mike Robinson, Owner, Stove Distr. & Retailer, CO

“Wow! You are Dynamic! Loved your presentation. Great Benefit Sell Worksheet. Love the Value Story. Making the class participate and think. Yahoo! Kudos to Rod. Can we adopt you?” Missy Sorenson, The Plumber, Inc., Owner, Stevensville, MT

“My newspaper and radio ads had won top awards for creativity . . . but they didn’t even cover production, let alone advertising (costs). Your ads “look” the same as others, but are substantially different in content — and get substantially different results. I have a 20% increase and net profits up at least 300%.” Pat Gobel, Owner, Dundee Dell, NE

“Honestly, I had not intended to return after lunch – but after attending the morning session, I decided I couldn’t afford to miss the afternoon. Full of information. Thanks!” Glenda Beasley, 166 Auto Auction, Springfield, MO

“Surprised that my business degree and background hadn’t revealed a number of your recommendations! Very insightful. ” Bill Kingzett, Avalanche Express, Meadville, PA

“The ad writing portion was great! KISS principle is alive and well. Thank you for a fun, informational and hugely practical day. Best investment my business has made.” Cindy Watt, Matthews Storage, Victoria, B.C., Canada

“Very helpful. Especially some specific guidelines on media budgeting and media selection.” Tom Lux, Executive, Concept Restaurants, Colorado Springs, CO

“The examples of the ads are extremely helpful. Discussion of yellow pages was very informative.” Jack Davis, Sapphire Mountain Log Furniture, Montana

Dr. Timothy Bolz, Topeka, KS on the Maverick Value Story concept: “The Value Story that we have is the best concept that I have seen in advertising so we can actually tell someone what we do, how we do it and why we are better at it than someone else. We’ve increased our new patient numbers–at least double.”

“I have had marketing training from IBM, AT&T, APPLE, Compaq, and Computerland Corporation . . . from a single day . . . to an entire week (with IBM). I learned more useful information in this Maverick Seminar than in all the other training…” Jeff Underwood, Manager, Computerland

“This was the best seminar on marketing I’ve ever attended.” Bill Heddinghaus, Manager, Heddinghaus Lumber, Moberly, MO.

“I’ve attended lots of marketing seminars …this is the first…research-based…with specific…real tools for better marketing.” Christine Rhoads, Computer Educational Services,
Reading, PA.

“Thank you – well worth the cost and 2-hour drive to get here!! I’ll definitely be using your free critique offer of one of my upcoming ads. Thanks for that! Very ‘usable’ ideas – practical, down-to-earth, ‘actionable’.” Dan Keller, UFT Mortgage, Wexford PA

“Your approach…from perspective of small business is much more relevant to me than tactics for national campaigns I learned in college….” Britt Fulmer, Manager, Gentry Limited (Mens Wear) Wichita, KS

“Before I attended the conference two years ago, and started using the Manager’s Marketing System, our sales had been flat. This program gave us an understanding of how to grow our business. The proof is that sales have steadily increased since then.” Rich Lewellyn, Owner, Pizza Ranch of Belmond, IA:

“(After attending the seminar), it almost got to be such an ego-builder teaching advertising men their (own) business that I hated to admit I was 38 years old before I had sense enough to realize I was spending many thousands of dollars every year for advertising without really knowing how to do it.” Harley Phillips, Pres., National Bicycle Dealers Assn, Los Angeles

“I needed a brochure for my new business. I’ve been in the printing business for 30 years so I pretty well know my way around. I had some thoughts about what should go in it and how to build it but things were sort of fuzzy.
 I stopped and used Maverick’s idea about how to build my company’s Value Story. When I finished, there was my brochure – saying all the right things. All I had to do was drop the information in. It really works!” Randy Stekly, Owner, Big Prints Plus, Missoula, Montana

“Advertising is probably one of the scariest things we face. One day my wife, Karen, announced she wanted to attend this advertising seminar. I thought it was like all other seminars and I didn’t want to spend three hours of my time with someone selling snake oil. After Rod explained his ideas to me, that’s when I really began to understand advertising. Since then, Mini Critters philosophy has changed based on [Maverick] methods. Our sales volume has quadrupled since we started the program.” Dan Brenner, Mini Critters, Sioux Falls, SD

“Thanks – today has been a real eye opener – I can’t wait to make our plan. We have tried just about everything – but it was all guesswork. Your plan makes so much sense.” Darlene Youngs, Bella Salon & Day Spa, North East, PA

“…a shot in the arm…in overall sales and marketing….marketing strategy section was my favorite…. We are strong in…strategy, but you have given me…additional tools….You are an excellent communicator!!” Gene Boyle, Sherry Griffith Expeditions, Moab, UT.

“Great stuff!. With advertising costs going up, it makes focused advertising decisions a must. This gives me the tools I need to advertise effectively.” Les Eelkema, Owner, Whidbey
Furniture, Oak Harbor, WA

“The information in your seminar that lasts just a few hours ‘will last forever!’ Thank you for all the information.” Jeff Briley, Ft. Wayne Marriott, Ft Wayne IN

“A lot of good information. Many new ideas that make sense. I appreciated the comments about things that don’t work.” Tim Furey, Owner, Opportunity Resources Inc., Missoula MT

“Finally, practical, applicable, useful and cost effective advice. The best four-hour investment I’ve made.” Brad Snyder, Owner, Simmonds Glass, Anacortes, WA

“Very informative and good presentation. Made me question some common assumptions I’d made about advertising.” Peggy Macki, James J. Edinger Wood Products

“Rod is a knowledgeable and charismatic speaker. I enjoyed his informative and helpful resource material, as well as presentation!” Sharon D. Williams, Abstract & Title Co. of Mesa County, Grand Junction, CO

“Very professional presentation. Informative. Easy to follow. Excellent visual aids. Appreciate the personal touch…answering questions…” Cheryl Lock, Kirksville Area Vo-Tech Center, Kirksville, MO

“You put on one h— of a seminar. You should be very proud of yourself!! …enjoyed your presentation and content. …I can confidently say you have changed the way we think about our advertising and how better to use it.” Brett Anderson, Owner, Anderson Appliance, Mt. Vernon, WA.

“I run a pizza restaurant – but I haven’t given out a coupon in all those months! Since pizza operations are infamous for their “battle of the coupon,” that’s an accomplishment. Our sales are up 10.79%. More significantly, our food costs have fallen from 36% to 31% because we’ve been able to stop discounting.” L. R., Owner, Valentino’s Restaurant This owner learned how to drop coupons & picked up an immediate 5% net profit direct to the bottom line – unheard of in the pizza industry.

“…attended many management & marketing seminars past ten years….Received more marketing information in these . . . hours than all the other ten years put together (italics ours)….” Marlene Bloomer, ABC Enterpr., Beauty School/Salon, Clinton, IA.

“This seminar . . . has shown me not only what media to avoid in my case, but also how to fine tune the media that I need to use.” Joel Miller, Amish Kitchens Plus, Erie, PA

“…you gave me specific help…worth the price of the entire session. I am amazed at your knowledge of my business…” Bob Winter, Owner, Winter Furniture, Kansas

“Very informative. I took marketing in college and didn’t learn a fraction of useful information that I learned today.” Randy Austin, Owner, Austin’s Body Shop, Springfield, MO.

“Great seminar. Most speakers send me home with little or no information. This did.” Pat Lundgren, A & P Service. Polson, Montana

“Excellent course – practical…describes all business problems…recommend to all management levels of business” Lee Womack, Executive, Moline Rest. Mgmt, Ltd.. Davenport, IA

“Very informative & helpful on “order of ads” when writing them – what information to put in and what order to put it in.” Vickie Cooke, Cooke Equipment Company, Billings, MT

“Advertising was my weakest point. I did not like it, …couldn’t see the return, and was reluctant to spend money on it. You … showed me where I was spending too much on it. You showed me my strengths and weaknesses and new ideas that worked.” Sharon Hancock, Owner, Sharon’s Sewing Boutique, Victoria, B.C., Canada

“Useful information for anyone in business. A lot of trust in advertising was built & the seminar probably dissolved some of the contention between business owners & advertising media.” Keith Whelpley, Publisher, Red Sky Publishing, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

“…strange that with so many years experience in retailing – 21 with a major chain – your five brief points (from one small part of the seminar)…would completely change our advertising image and…results!” Jack Windsor, General Manager, Ramsey’s Dept Store, Atchison, KS.

“Fantastic content. Good flow. Positive, lively & energetic – most informative of all speakers.” Michael Skeels, Owner, Skeels Masonry, Inc., Frenchtown, MT

“You clearly are very knowledgeable and passionate about your work. Thank you for all the outstanding marketing ideas and insights. They will be put to good use!” Nathan A. Suckow, The Magic of Nathan Suckow, Rochester, MN

“Thanks for straight forward information! Your session helped me see why some of our advertising is not effective and where we can use our dollars more effectively. We have a new campaign starting in a different community and I now have a different idea for marketing the service.” Marjorie Finley
Alpine Communications

“A lot of great & useful information. I would recommend your seminar to anyone who does any marketing whatsoever.” Edward L. Beinborn, Executive, Rainbo Oil Company, Dubuque IA

“Great answers to the mysterious formula of ad copy.” Katherine Kahl, Web Over Kill Missoula, MT

“Very good information. Loved written information because I can pick & choose to give my staff a topic at a time, over time.” Amy Waldrop, Consider It Sold!, Springfield, MO

“Seminar really helps me put the whole advertising maze into perspective. At times, it can feel like you’re in quicksand with no way out. Now we have some proven guidelines to help get things under control.” Christina Beardslee, Bills Body Shop, Billings, MT

“With (Maverick’s) seasoned managers, I get to take advantage of their expertise, but without full-time executive salaries. I recently had a sticky situation with a large customer. They helped me think through the correct way to handle the customer. I wound up in a much better relationship and saved a $30,000 account. In effect, we have a “board” of seasoned management that has helped us grow. Sales are up an almost unbelievable 137% in three years.” Theresa McLean, Owner, Goodarts Gallery

“The Maverick Marketing Program helps us strengthen our media program and it’s really been effective. North Iowa knows more about our organization than it ever has. It really works.” Bill Rowland, Manager, Landfill of North Iowa

“Deciding to do this program is a no-brainer. You alleviate the headaches of advertising and the results are awesome. Russ Gibson, Owner, Christensen’s Jewelry, Hampton, IA:

“The single most informative seminar I have ever attended.” John Williams, Manager, Sproull Paint Company, Shreveport, LA


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