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Winning Secrets For Building Your
Own Unique Small Business
Advertising Idea

This page leads you to a small business marketing strategy, advertising idea, marketing idea, sales promotion idea or small business marketing technique that fits your small business as if it were made for it – because it is!

Here’s how. With Maverick, you learn how to identify unique selling points about your business. From such gems, you learn to build advertising communication that demonstrates the differences in your business from others.

When you demonstrate those differences, you market your small business more easily – and certainly more profitably.

This site is designed to help “real” (not Internet only), brick & mortar businesses that serve customers “eye-to-eye” – be they retail, service, professional practice, or manufacturing.

(Wait. That’s not exactly true. We have included a section about Internet marketing if you want a website as a helpmate to your “real” business. Why have we wedded the two? Emerging evidence indicates the majority of successful businesses are those which yoke the power of brick & mortar with the internet to form a team.)

How to navigate
this site

Here’s what to look for when you
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Each section contains articles (many at no charge) designed to help you pick your way through some of the stickier problems of promoting your business:

  • Click here for an Advertising Idea. These articles on small business advertising ideas help you find ways to double and triple normal sales results from your advertising. The idea is for you to take home more dollars to your family.

  • Click here for Advertising Strategy to help you devise approaches that attract more customers and slash costs at the same time.

  • Click here for Marketing Ideas. This section ranges through ways to help you manage and merchandise your business for greater profit and improve the “look” and acceptance of your business.

  • Click here for Marketing Concepts & Strategy. Little known small business marketing strategy (some more than 2,600 years old) to help you price, budget, and sell more successfully.

  • Click here for Internet Promotion. 19 tips to avoid the perils when you want to add a website to your “brick & mortar” business, plus some down-to-earth sources that offer even more.

  • Click here for Advertising Campaigns that mirror your individual business. Complete services for the time-harried manager that cover considerably more than ad agencies perform. Priced affordably for smaller companies.

  • Click here for Executive Advertising Seminars.
    Nationally proven system: How to use all major media; find the right prospects; eliminate wasted dollars; make ads that reap up to 1950% more results. Local, regional, & national trade conferences continent-wide. Free Speakers Kit to show your group.

  • Click here for Maverick Products & Services. Books, courses and personal help to grow your business through a better advertising idea, merchandising, and management practices.

  • Click here if you’re a Meeting Planner. Since Maverick maintains so much activity in seminars and sales training around the continent, we’ve included a section for meeting planners to speed your quest along.

  • Click here to see our Link Partners – people we believe will help you with more good information for small business success.

  • Click here if you “Got A Question?” that’s bothering you about small business marketing or advertising. When you’re anyplace else in this site, just check the right side of the screen under Key Information for “Got A Question?” No one alive has all the answers to this huge subject. But if we know or can find out, we’ll tell you.

  • Click here to Meet Maverick – or at least know something about the rascals you’re dealing with.

Here’s where to look for an overview
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If you’re pressed for time, click here for “Need A Marketing Idea? 8 Secrets to Success”. This article presents main ideas that propel the Maverick system & concept.

The problem for
small business

  • Feel like every advertising, marketing, or sales promotion idea has deserted you when a media representative darkens your door – and you know he doesn’t have one either?

  • Are you praying for a break when he peeks around the corner and asks, “Got your ad ready?” (“Ready! I haven’t even thought about it.”) He just wants an order – quick, of course.

  • Another asks, “How much do you have to spend?” You may have no idea how much you need – and neither does she!

  • A third asks, “What do you want to say in your ad?” You’re wondering, “Why don’t you know? What actual service are you performing for your money?”

Every manager responsible for an advertising idea & marketing has wrestled with many questions at one time or another. I’m going to point you to a method that has not failed in 30 years to put that advertising idea right in your lap.

Not one, but many
advertising ideas

On this constantly enlarging site, you’ll encounter answers to both major and minor problems small business faces. They work. Businesses like yours have already success-tested the Maverick Marketing Method for more than 30 years from Florida to Western Canada.

Most articles here are free. Some offer products for sale. We try to alert you before you get into the products if you’re not yet ready for them.

Maverick is simple to learn and use because we invested more than two-million-dollars and thousands of research hours to make it so.

Why Maverick?

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by . . .
And it has made all the difference.”

So penned Robert Frost, our American poet laureate.

In every society original thinkers refuse to take the “sheep” route – refuse to follow the speakers of conventional wisdom because their remedies so often lead to hum-drum results.

These rare birds want more – much more. And they seem to have their own built-in alarm system that thunders in their heads, “baloney!” when they sense a “let’s-do-it-the-way-everybody-else-does” answer.

Where we live out in the American West, we call them “mavericks.”

This site is dedicated to mavericks – those who distrust the common answer and instead, search for one that yields breakthrough results. The Maverick Method came about 30 years ago. We were dissatisfied (actually we were failing) with common answers. And since you’re here, we assume you count yourself a maverick too.

What Maverick
does for you

  • You learn how to drive more customers through the door with a proven advertising idea, marketing idea and marketing concept.

    More customers mean more profit. More profit means you, your employees and your family live a better life.

  • You stop blowing thousands of dollars on wasted marketing schemes, a bad advertising idea or sales promotion idea that goes nowhere.

    We understand business and marketing. We worked 30 years to learn it the hard way. You capture it fast & easy. By tapping directly into our brains you can add Maverick know-how to what you already know.

  • You see how to use an effective customer service idea or sales promotion idea to sell more profitably – and keep more of your customers longer. When you get more sales from the same effort, it’s amazing . . .

    how much more smoothly your business runs . . .
    how much better your staff gets along . . .
    and how much sunnier every day seems.

  • You learn how to think profitably about a small business advertising idea and advertising strategy. When you learn a thing well enough to understand it, your greater confidence alone raises your success rate.

  • You gain a competitive edge with access to business-to-business sales training, sales management training and ideas for retail sales training.

  • You work less hard – yet customers buy more with Maverick’s true marketing approaches. You discover how to blend an advertising idea with your merchandising and display that causes customers to choose your product more often.

Maverick tested hundreds of ideas . . . and came up with both successes and failures.

From our successes, you can learn proven methods in merchandising & selling methods and advertising approaches in newspaper, radio copywriting, TV, yellow page advertising strategy, coupons, direct mail, magazines and minor media.

From our failures, you learn what to avoid to save you wasted money, time, and frustration.

More results for the
same dollars

Jack Windsor, Ramsey’s Department Store attests to the difference in Maverick methods: “…strange that with so many years experience in retailing – 21 with a major chain – your five brief points (in one small part of your training) …would completely change our advertising image and results!” More comments here.

We share lots of information on this site at no charge. Frankly, with 30 years and $2 million worth of research and experience in our brain, we have little fear of running dry any time soon.

These methods are proven. We lived all of it. Tried all of it. Failed with a bunch and threw that out. Only the stuff that passed muster is left to add to your own store of knowledge.

Even more ideas

Besides these website articles, we share more advertising & marketing ideas with Mavericks like you when you subscribe to the free monthly Maverick Strategy Newsletter.

As we work with Maverick’s clients and conduct seminars and training sessions continent-wide, we constantly identify new small business marketing idea and marketing strategy, effective advertising methods, new ways to merchandise and display, new sales promotion idea, and sales training methods.

You’re the first to hear of those results in this newsletter.

However, before you subscribe, get acquainted with the ideas on this website. Then, if the Newsletter feels worthwhile, just sign in at the top of any page. We never give away or sell your name, and you can cancel instantly.

Where Maverick gets
its marketing power

Maverick Strategy, aims to help “LESS than Fortune 500” companies like yours succeed – in both profit and serving customers.

More than 21,000 small business managers have attended Maverick Seminars.

Maverick consultants personally helped more than 3,100 of them develop marketing strategy and plans. We custom-build advertising campaigns and guide clients in how to identify and organize their ideas. Then, we help track results.

Many Maverick clients outperform their big competitors – often by large margins.

I’m sure you’re painfully aware your business expenses keep rising. Did you know most small businesses struggle along with “no growth” or about the national average – 3%-4% growth yearly?

We expect Maverick’s regular clients to grow at least double the normal rate when they correctly use the Methods. (Some have achieved as much as thirty-two times normal). We expect them to at least triple or quadruple net profits.

Maverick users do it all the time, as you’ll see when you click on the Maverick Track Record.

Pat Gobel, the Dundee Dell restaurant says, “I was spending 8% to 8½% on advertising. My ads had won top awards for creativity…but sales didn’t even cover production costs.
 Then, I listened to Maverick. I’m thrilled! Ad expenses are under 6% and sales are up 20%! Net profits up at least 300%.”
More comments here.

Even during the 2000-2003 recession when other business’s sales were flat or down, Maverick clients throughout the continent averaged 9% yearly growth.

The difference between
Maverick & other sites

  • Some Maverick ideas and methods we hope you already know. Yet, there’s no way you could know other ideas on this site, if you’ve not been exposed to Maverick – simply because we developed them.

    As Bill Kingzett, Avalanche Express, Meadville, PA says, “Surprised that my business degree and background hadn’t revealed a number of your recommendations! Very insightful. ”

    These new ideas can make you millions – literally. They’ve already done that for us and for thousands of other businesses from Western Canada to the Florida coast.

  • Finally, before you hire work done for your growing business, click here for some “Advice To Managers Hiring Small Business Consulting – By A Professional Marketer”

We “push the envelope” to help you hold down your costs. Most “LESS Than Fortune 500” companies – small business – have little money to spare. But they need help to compete with the big guys . . . especially in small business marketing technique, customer service technique, strategy, a marketing idea and an advertising idea.

Thanks for dropping in . . .

We wish you well.


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P.S. Most everything you see on this website to give you a small business advertising or marketing idea either comes at no cost or has a money back guarantee. Winning secrets for building your own unique small business advertising idea.
 Other small businesses like yours have proven Maverick for more than a quarter century. It’s safe. Try it.