About Your Value Story

Your Company’s “Value Story”.

When you study ads – even those produced on the national level – you discover most omit a critical element local-level small business absolutely must have: they may sell the product but fail to give prospects hard reasons to become your customer. And these two are different animals.

Think about your market. How many different places can a prospect purchase your generic product? Usually several. Your ad may sell your product but the prospect can then purchase that generic item or service in many places. That means your expensive advertising may be working just as hard for a competitor as it does for you.

The Maverick Method rounds up and puts your special brand on all the goodies for your company. Maverick people conduct an unusual “in-depth live Value Story interview” with clients to determine why people should buy from you instead of competitors (unusual because we have never seen ad practitioners do it elsewhere outside national level advertising agencies).

During this interview, our writer/designers capture all the major sales points your ads should contain about both your products and your business to help you get the most possible advertising results from your investment.

These professionals invest many hours writing and polishing the Value Story. This mandatory document makes up the foundation for every marketing and advertising communication you put before your customers – broadcast ads, newspaper, brochures, direct mail, websites – everything.

Does this work? Listen to what a professional Randy Steckley, Missoula MT, long-time printer/publisher says:

“I needed a brochure for my new business. I’ve been in the printing business for 30 years . . . I had some thoughts about what should go in it and how to build it but things were sort of fuzzy. I used Maverick ideas about my company’s Value Story. When I finished, there was my brochure – saying all the right things. All I had to do was drop the information in. It really works!”

Your business’s Value Story raises your success odds dramatically, yet few marketing people have ever heard of the idea.

(Excerpted from Custom Advertising Campaigns in the Key Information Section).

P.S. Make your own value story with Maverick’s Value Story Game. Step-by-step instructions that help you build power into every ad and sales presentation.


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