Advertising Strategy

“Do your customers lack a strong reason to buy in your small business advertising strategy?”

How to give your customers the reason to buy they won't forget.Tested small business advertising strategy. Free articles - advertising and marketing. Free E-Books.

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About Your Value Story

Does your advertising omit this critical element - hard reasons why prospects should become your customer? Small business advertising idea. Advertising strategy.

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“How To Test The Merit Of A Costly Sales Promotion Idea”

How to give yourself better success odds by keeping your sales promotion idea within financial range. Can there be too much of a good thing? Free marketing, advertising articles. Sales promotion idea.

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“Small Business Advertising Strategies – Measure Your Time Investment – Are You Short-Changing Your Success?”

How to measure your advertising success odds by time invested. Small business advvertising strategies for managers. More than 30 free articles. Small business advertising strategies. Small business marketing technique.

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Stop This Hidden Cash Drain That Plagues Every Manager With One Simple Advertising Tactic

Easy way to say “no” to the horde of PR-Donation advertising solicitors without angering friends & customers. Maverick customers save and add up to $9,600 with this advertising tactic. Advertising tactic. Small business advertising idea. Success-tested advertising & marketing - more than 30 free articles.

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“How To Save Your Company From The #1 Small Business Advertising Strategy Killer”

How to avoid losses from discounts and deliver more sales at less cost. Documented perils of small business discount promotion. Advertising strategy. Small business advertising strategy.

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“End Your Marketing Frustration, Slash Expenses & Get Business Growing – An Integrated Advertising Technique”

99 tested answers to the most vexing manager's questions about advertising. Recorded version of the live 6-hour Maverick Advertising Seminar. Advertising technique.

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“How To Avoid A Common-As-Dirt Advertising Strategy Mistake That Cost One Manager $119,000”

Inject overpowering strength into your organization with the principle of "concentration" - proven strategy founded on 2,600-year-old principles. Advertising idea. Advertising strategy.

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